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Kettle Use & Care
Use & Care for the EKettle

Warranty Information for the EKettle

Use & Care for SS & Copper Classic Teakettles- item #’s SL37-19 and SL37-19CP

Use & Care for all Enamel Teakettles

Use & Care for Stainless Steel Teakettles (except SS Classic)

We hope that you enjoy your new Chantal teakettle.   While doing so please remember the following ! IMPORTANT WARNINGS AND INSTRUCTIONS:


Before first use, wash the inside and outside with hot soapy water, rinse and dry.

  • To keep your Chantal looking new use Chantal Enamel & Ceramic Cleaner (available on www.chantal.com) or another brand of Ceramic Cooktop Cleaner

  • Teakettle handle and whistle may get hot.   ALWAYS WEAR OVEN MITTS WHEN HANDLING TEAKETTLE OR FLIPPING THE WHISTLE LEVER OPEN to prevent possible burn injury.
  • DO NOT LEAVE A HEATING TEAKETTLE UNATTENDED.   Forgotten teakettles boil dry.   DO NOT RELY ON THE WHISTLE to remind you about an unattended teakettle.   This whistle may occasionally not sound.
  • If water has been boiled dry from the teakettle TURN OFF HEAT and do not remove teakettle until it has cooled.   Leaving a dry teakettle on a hot burner can melt enamel/aluminum base and damage the teakettle and burner.   This could be a possible source of fire.

Always use a burner on the back row of the stove to keep it out of the reach of small children.   Use a burner smaller in diameter than the kettle.   This may prevent excess heat from making the handle too hot to touch.


Steam escaping from the lid or spout can burn you.   DO NOT open the lid until water has cooled, or wear an oven mitt to protect your hand.


Teakettle Diagram

DO NOT overfill the teakettle.   Overfilling the teakettle can cause boiling water to be forced out of the spout.   You could be burned.   The water level should always be below the spout on the inside of the teakettle.  (see illustration)


After the water boils, turn off the heat and allow the teakettle to stand for 15 seconds before flipping/pulling the whistle open (wearing an oven mitt) and then pouring the water.   ALWAYS POINT THE SPOUT AWAY FROM YOU WHEN BOILING WATER OR OPENING THE SPOUT.


DO NOT leave water in teakettle when not in use.

Remove water and completely dry interior after use to avoid rust or mineral build up.

If rust or mineral deposits are detected boil water on medium heat for 15 min. with 1 oz. of lemon juice. Rinse and dry.p>

Hand wash only, not to be put in dishwasher.



When using a teakettle on a gas stove be sure to place it directly on the center of the burner.   Always use a pot holder.   If placed off-center on the burner flames may rise up to the whistle and can melt the plastic whistle casing in some instances.   BURN INJURIES COULD RESULT.


Chantal Classic Copper Teakettle Use & Care
Important Tips
• Exterior: Electroplated copper coating.
• Bottom: Copper disk for quick boiling. Use on a low flame. If gas flames go up the sides, they will discolor the copper, but can be cleaned with our recommended cleaning solution.
• Interior: Durable stainless steel construction.
Important Notes:
Works on electric, gas, ceramic and glass cooktops. ALWAYS WEAR OVEN MITTS WHEN HANDLING TEAKETTLE OR FLIPPING THE WHISTLE LEVER OPEN to prevent possible burn injury.
Some manufacturers add a lacquer coating to prolong the shiny finish. The coating must be removed before using the product for any type of cooking, even boiling water. For environmental and safety reasons, Chantal does not lacquer coat the copper teakettle.
Caring for your Chantal Classic Copper Teakettle:
Polishing will help maintain gleaming shine, but will not improve performance. Change in copper color over time “patina” reflects durability and use. For best cleaning results to maintain shine without scratching try the homemade cleaning recipes listed on back.
Homemade Cleaning Recipes
Ingredients: Salt, vinegar and lemon or lime juice
Combine 1 tablespoon each of salt and lemon or lime juice in small bowl and mix. Use a clean damp sponge (cloth material may scratch the surface) to apply to small areas of the kettle and quickly rinse under running water. Pat dry with soft paper towel.
Combine 1 tablespoon each of vinegar and lemon or lime juice with 2 tablespoons of salt mixed in a small bowl. Saturate clean damp sponge with mixture and apply to small areas of the kettle and quickly rinse under running water. Pat dry with soft paper towel.
For removing heavy tarnish, use a commercial product such as Chantal Copper Cleaner or Wrights® Copper Cream. Apply with a clean damp sponge, quickly rinse under running water and pat dry with soft paper towel. Never allow commercial cleaner to dry on kettle.

For more helpful information about your Chantal teakettle call customer service at 800-365-4354.


If you have comments, ideas or suggestions for Chantal, please write to:

Chantal Customer Service

5425 North Sam Houston Parkway West

Houston, TX 77086


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