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Congratulate our friends at FirstBuild!

The Paragon was recently entered into a design competition called the IDEA awards, hosted by the Industrial Designers Society of America! This competition is one of the largest and most prestigious in the world, with over 15,000 entries. The Paragon has made it to the finals where they will have the unit physically presented in Detroit for final judging. To top it off, Chantal’s very own Induction 21 Steel 8qt. Stockpot with a cut out in the lid, which was designed to work in conjunction with the Paragon Probe, will be presented atop the Paragon so the judges can view the unit in context to the ideal user experience.

For more info on the Paragon, please click here

For more info on the 8qt Stockpot with probe designed lid, please click here

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A Ceramic Dish That Is Too Beautiful for Your Cabinet: Show It Off!

By James Brock

I have been cooking with Chantal pots and pans for several months now, and every time I pick up a piece I get excited about what I am going to make. Sauces, soups, stews, eggs: the Induction 21 and Copper Fusion lines help me create with ease. I've talked about how good they feel in my hands, and I've told you about how rapidly they react to heat changes — when I lower the temperature on a sauce, there is no delay. When I boil pasta, it doesn't take forever for the water to come to a boil. A few weeks ago, however, I started using another Chantal product, and it now has a featured place in my kitchen. It’s a beautiful teal stoneware baking dish, and I want to show it off (because nowhere does it say that our cookware cannot be functional and attractive)! The color makes me thi...