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IHA 2017 Was A Success!

Another successful year for Chantal at the 2017 Housewares Show! We featured new items in the newest fashion color Fade Grey, our Mia Ekettle in new colors, Sara Moulton demos and a barista making craft coffee! Til next year....



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New Year, New You (and Me): Resolutions Can Be Flavorful and Fun

By James Brock

I am a big proponent of having fun when I cook; it is not a chore, but too often can seem like one. The same goes for healthy cooking and eating. With a bit of thought and planning, your meals can be delicious, full of flavor and nutrition, and not difficult to make.

Since we are just entering a new year, this week is the perfect time to begin things anew. Sure, exercising and spending more time with friends and family are good resolutions, and I have made those (and I'm sure many of you have as well). But my main goal is to cook and eat in a more efficient and healthy manner. I am going to prepare simple meals during the week, and reserve my more elaborate feasts for the weekends.

And what was my first weeknight meal of 2017? Turkey lettuce wraps! We're talking fresh, crisp green leaf lettuce, organic ground turkey, onions, gin...