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Sara Moulton In Texas Central Market Stores!

Thank you Texas for coming out to see Sara Moulton as she appeared at Central Market stores last week! If you’re one of the lucky few who got to attend her sold out cooking classes we hope you enjoyed the food and learned some new cooking techniques at the same time. For more info on where Sara will be appearing next click here


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Pasta and Vegetables: A Match Made in Heaven

By James Brock

I usually try to plan my dinners ahead of time, so I can make my shopping excursions as efficient as they can be. My job requires me to dine out often, but on the evenings that I do cook (too rare they are!), I like to have everything on hand already - rushing to the grocery store on the way home from the office is low on my list of desirable things to do.

Copper Fusion Risotto Pan

Last week I was in Central Market, and the asparagus and sugar snap peas looked wonderfully fresh, so I came up with something healthy and full of flavor. I was having a few friends over for dinner, and I wanted something th...