Enamel-on-Steel Classic Teakettle (1.8 Qt.)

Enamel-on-Steel Classic Teakettle (1.8 Qt.)

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37-18S ME
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7.00 lbs
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Product Description

Customize your kitchen by adding a hint of color!

Our Classic Teakettle rocketed to popularity when introduced 30 years ago. The accolades continue for this timeless Chantal original, sure to remain a design icon and home favorite for the foreseeable future. This kettle is part of Chantal’s Classic Series which includes the finest teakettles from our collection. Each design offers incomparable elegance and is designed for exceptional use. Featuring our exclusive two-tone harmonica whistle, this kettle doesn’t just whistle – it sings! The smooth, flat base creates maximum contact for rapid boiling, and the extra large opening allows for easy cleaning and handling. 1.8 qt. functional capacity. Enamel-on-Steel teakettles are made with magnetic carbon steel which means they will work on all cooktops INCLUDING induction. Includes FREE quilted mitt for your convenience. Limited warranty.
Item Weight - 3 LB
6.5 inch exterior base diameter.

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Chantal Teakettle Mania
Posted by kat stilwell on 03/02/16
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I am on my 4th Chantal kettle in this style. I would LOVE for you to consider bringing back the white kettle (because white is so IN this year) and making one in turquoise, please!!!!!!!! I love these!!!!! Thank you so much!!!! :)
Love this teakettle!
Posted by Judy Crews on 11/24/15
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Review comment
Over the past 20 years or so I have owned two of these teakettles. I have a glass surface cooktop. Through my own inattention, I caused some exterior damage to the bottom of the first teakettle which could harm my cooktop so I gave that kettle to a friend who has a gas range and to the best of my knowledge, it's still going strong. I immediately purchased another Chantal teakettle and I use it every day. I love the design. It never goes out of style. And the whistle is loud enough that I can hear it from other rooms in the house which means that I don't have to stay in the kitchen and wa
Posted by Lucy Carnevale on 10/15/14
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