Induction 21 Steel

Chantal’s premium Stainless Steel cookware line has grown exponentially since its introduction to the market in 2016. The line features a stunning look and exceptional cooking performance. Made from unique Japanese Steel, this cookware offers something different for home chefs as well as professionals.

 1. Made from 21/0 Stainless Steel, which Includes:
   • Copper – conducts evenly
   • Titanium – heats quickly
   • Chromium – prevents corrosion
 2. Ergonomic Handles That are Cool to the Touch
 3. Tempered Glass Lids and Dripless Pouring Rims
 4. Limited Lifetime Warranty on All Stainless Steel Pans (4 year warranty on nonstick pans)
 5. Many Pieces are Available with a Healthy Ceramic Nonstick Coating:
   • Made without PFOA, PFOS or PTFE
   • Stovetop and oven safe up to 500°F
   • Hand wash only
   • 4 year warranty!
 6. Perfect for All Cooktops:
   • Gas
   • Radiant (Electric)
   • Induction

Chantal’s focus has always been on creating and providing the best products for Healthy Cooking!  Our products feature the healthiest nontoxic materials and cooking surfaces available today.  We pledge to continually look for new innovations and manufacturing techniques which will be ideal for health conscious chefs.
The stainless cooking surface of our Induction 21 Steel cookware is nickel-free making it the perfect choice for anyone who has a nickel allergy.

For more information on nickel allergies, please click here.