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Experience professional-grade performance in your kitchen with Chantal Copper Fusion cookware. Our innovative, German-made cookware features a copper plate fused into a carbon-steel core, which is then expertly layered between our durable and beautiful AA German enamel – a Chantal cookware exclusive. Copper conducts heat beautifully, and our patented copper-fused technology yields cookware that heats quickly and evenly with no hotspots. We use only the highest quality enamel, the healthiest cooking surface available. Unlike aluminum or stainless, our enamel is naturally stick resistant and will not react with acidic or alkaline foods, so all your meals can be cooked and stored safely. Copper Fusion remains bright without polishing, and will not delaminate or decline over time. Chantal cookware is safe to use with all utensils, including metal, and can go from stovetop to table, and then directly into the refrigerator or freezer. Our tempered-glass lids allow for easy monitoring of cooking, and our rivetless, stay-cool handles provide a seamless interior cooking surface. All pieces are dishwasher safe, and are perfect for all stove types, including magnetic induction. Available in Onyx.

Chantal Copper Fusion is enamel inside and out, over a steel base infused with copper. Copper Fusion is enameled under strict German standards and is imported under the U.S. Food and Drug Administration requirements.

Chantal cookware meets the all FDA and California standards required for kitchen utensils. All Chantal ceramics and enamelware are lead-safe and cadmium-safe and meet FDA and CA Prop 65 requirements.

Enamel is a silicate system which is not water soluble. Nothing leaches out of enamel once it has been through the firing process.

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