Coffee & Tea

Chantal is known as the hot beverages expert, so it’s no wonder we have the impeccable cups and mugs to compliment your coffee or tea! Chantal’s Coffee & Tea assortment provides the perfect essentials for your sipping pleasure! Our tea cups and coffee mugs are designed to fit perfectly in your hand, and our tea pots with ceramic or stainless infusers make steeping a snap.

Introduced in 2016 is Chantal’s Craft Coffee Collection providing every item you need to perfect the art of this growing trend! This assortment offers uniquely designed products for beginners and experts alike. Each item provides Chantal’s easy steps for handcrafted coffee perfection and ensures healthy and safe coffee making, with our electric kettle’s interior components made of stainless steel (no plastic!) and our ceramics made of high quality stoneware.

Whether you love latte, crave cappuccino or prefer to keep it simply “coffee”, we have the mugs and collection for you! If perchance it’s tea you prefer, we have just the cup to suit your sipping, too. So whether it’s time for Tea for One -- or Latte for all -- it’s time for Chantal.

 Chantal’s focus has always been on creating and providing the best products for Healthy Cooking!  Our products feature the healthiest nontoxic materials and food surfaces available today.  We pledge to continually look for new innovations and manufacturing techniques which will be ideal for health conscious chefs.  Learn More.

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SL92-T BL Vacuum Insulated Travel Mug (15 oz.)
  • $24.95
SL92-TSS BK Single Serve Easy Travel Mug (10 oz.)
  • 5% off
  • $19.95
ELSL37-03M Stainless Steel (Plastic Free) Mia Ekettle® - Electric Water Kettle (32 Oz.)
  • $59.95
ELSL37-03M CP Stainless Steel (Plastic Free) Mia Ekettle® - Electric Water Kettle - Copper Finish (32 Oz.)
  • $69.95
ELSL37-04B Stainless Steel Becker Ekettle® - Electric Water Kettle (32 Oz.)
  • $49.95
ELSL37-05C Colbie Ekettle® - Electric Water Kettle (20 Oz.)
  • 20% off
  • $39.95
92-03MFL SW Craft Coffee Set
  • $74.90
ELSL37-03M WT Stainless Steel (Plastic Free) Mia Ekettle® - Electric Water Kettle - White Finish (32 Oz.)
  • $69.95
SL92-T-2 MU Vacuum Insulated Travel Mug - 2 Pack (15 oz. each)
  • 10% off
  • $44.95
ELSL37-03R KM Stainless Steel (Plastic Free) Ryder Ekettle® - Electric Water Kettle - Black Finish (32 Oz.)
  • $69.95
ELSL37M-CFT SW Artisan Coffee Set - Mia Electric kettle with French Press and Pour over Filter!
  • 26% off
  • $99.95
ELSL37C-FP FG Easy French Press Set - Colbie Electric kettle and French Press!
  • 22% off
  • $69.95
Items: 112 of 16
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