Classic Kettle Whistle Assembly & Tuning Plate Instruction



*      Remove nut (D).   This will release the spring (B) and tuning plate (C) parts.

*      Place new spring (B) over the stud screw (A).

*      Place new tuning plate (C) on screw stud (A) with holes facing toward you.

*      Hold tuning plate (C) down with thumbs, replace nut (D) and tighten securely.


Kettle Illustration key:


A.   Stud Screw

B.   Spring

C.   Tuning Plate

D.   Nut


If the kettle does not whistle, try the following:


Before water starts to boil, open and close flipper
on spout 2 or 3 times to clarify tuning plate is in place.


If you have further questions, please contact
Chantal Customer Service at 800-365-4354