Chantal’s Enameled Cast Iron Collection is produced using the most advanced techniques available today. Sand-Cast molds skillfully form each piece ensuring consistent thickness and shape. The result is a perfectly molded piece of cast iron with exceptional heat retention. Three coatings of top-grade enamel are applied to the interior and exterior of each piece. Enamel provides depth of color and is the healthiest cooking surface possible. Enamel is essentially a glass coating that will not leach metals into food and will not react with or alter flavors in your dish. Enameled cast iron will cook similarly to traditional cast iron but it will not have to be seasoned before use and cleanup has never been easier!

  • Crafted with Sand-Cast molds which ensure consistent thickness and shape.

  • Even heat while cooking.

  • 3 coatings of healthy, high quality enamel!

  • Natural enamel cooking surface will not react with or alter the taste food.

  • Oven safe.

  • Hand wash.

  • Performs on Magnetic Induction and all other cooktops 

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