New Year, New You (and Me): Resolutions Can Be Flavorful and Fun

By James Brock

I am a big proponent of having fun when I cook; it is not a chore, but too often can seem like one. The same goes for healthy cooking and eating. With a bit of thought and planning, your meals can be delicious, full of flavor and nutrition, and not difficult to make.

Since we are just entering a new year, this week is the perfect time to begin things anew. Sure, exercising and spending more time with friends and family are good resolutions, and I have made those (and I’m sure many of you have as well). But my main goal is to cook and eat in a more efficient and healthy manner. I am going to prepare simple meals during the week, and reserve my more elaborate feasts for the weekends.

And what was my first weeknight meal of 2017? Turkey lettuce wraps! We’re talking fresh, crisp green leaf lettuce, organic ground turkey, onions, ginger, and an assortment of other great ingredients. It was a snap to make, preparing it was easy, and it took one pan. (I used my non-stick Induction 21 skillet.)slin29-280

There are a few things to keep in mind for this recipe; the first is the lettuce. Make sure you have the freshest leaves possible. They need to stand up to the filling, and stay crisp. Next, the meat. I used ground turkey, but feel free to substitute ground beef, tofu, or sausage. (Better yet, make lettuce wraps weekly for one month, each time using a different main filling ingredient.)

These lettuce wraps are full of Asian flavors — hoisin sauce, with its salty and sweet profile; onions; soy sauce and sesame oil; and rice vinegar. If you’ve never had them, you need to make some this week. You can call them lettuce tacos if you want, and no matter what name you use for them, your family and friends will love the new (2017) you.

lettucewrapHere’s the recipe. As always, write me at, and happy cooking

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