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We just remodeled our kitchen and went with an induction cooktop. After looking at every brand of cookware on the market, we purchased Chantal cookware. They are absolutely amazing. We’re senior citizens and we can honestly say we love them. Clean up is a breeze, we’ve stopped using salt in our cooking and just keep it on the table. Cooking is faster, even, and tastes much better. We also backed off with using oils too. Try this the next time you make eggs: Put 1/2 tsp of butter in a small frying pan, whip two fresh eggs, with a small amount of milk, heat the pan on a low setting until the butter melts. Pour the egg mixture in and use a heat resistant spatula to fold the eggs. If you like a little cheese, go for it. Very shortly they’ll be done. Unlike frying the eggs until they almost burn. And the flavor will make your palate dance. Water boils in under one minute. Don’t ever use a high setting, it’s not worth it. Love the Chantal Induction cookware 100%! modify

Daniel Janick , Jan 30, 2020

I just bought an Apple red water kettle from a department store, I am loving it! It is so handy, it can be use anywhere. In no time I have my cup of tea. I am enjoying it! Thank you so much Chantal

Flavie St Remy , Jan 27, 2020

I always get the best recipes from y'all! looking forward to making both of these next week. And I have all ingredients on hand (what to do with that leftover ham from Christmas in the freezer). thx

Elsa K-W , Jan 12, 2020

I love my coffee pot

Champagne murillo , Jan 10, 2020

I have now had the cookware set for about 6 weeks---this set complements my new induction range for which this cookware and range are designed for each other! Having been in commercial food service I can identify with the high quality of this cookware. Very well constructed---very solid. I have found it to be very easy to clean---the ceramic nonstick is a dream to clean!!---wish the entire set had this coating. The steel sauce pans do heat up VERY quickly with the induction range and are also easy to clean---so far I have not burned any food in them. Any negative is with the extra heavy duty griddle---it does take a long time to heat up due to its heft and durable construction. I would give this set a 10 out of 10. Bryce

Bryce Hinsch , Dec 26, 2019

I have been going to your annual warehouse sales since you were located on West Sam Houston Parkway. I always look forward to your sale. I love the quality of your cookware and bakeware. Your staff this year was very helpful.

Lisa Leanard , Dec 13, 2019

I used three different vegetables to try out the Chantel baker microwave steamer. First I tried just some green pepper. per the instructions I added some black pepper as a spice. It came out as one would expect streamed green pepper. Soft and tender with nice flavor but rarely served on it's own. Next in the chantal baker I made asparagus. I cut it into bite size pieces and coated with olive oil and black pepper. It came out perfectly.There were no raw pieces. There were no over done pieces as often happens trying to roast in the oven. My family ate it with baked fish and sweet potato fries and enjoyed it. Last I made broccoli. We usually serve over pasta and pesto sauce so I didn't bother to spice it, just coated lightly with olive oil. It came out as well as the asparagus. Having to guess at amounts of olive oil and spices were a new challenge for me without a specific measurement called for in a recipe. However my family loved that the same container could steam perfectly, be used as a serving dish, leftovers could be put in the fridge, and then reheated still maintaining a great texture. None of that can be said of a traditional stove top steamer with multiple parts to clean!

Addison claridge , Dec 1, 2019

I have been using Chantal cookware for cooking for the last 12 years and they have been great! Even today they still look new and beautiful. Also, I love my make and take cooking dishes. They are perfect for cooking for parties and keeps the food hot for hours. Enerel Batbayar

Enerel Batbayar , Nov 19, 2019
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