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Customer Testimonials
I had been shopping for a small, aesthetically pleasing, electric tea kettle for a while. I also, did not want to break the bank! I finally found the Chantal, 4 cup, slow pour kettle. It is perfect! It boils quickly, it's quiet, and look nice as well! I couldn't be more pleased! This is a great product at a great price! When I had questions and called customer service, they were pleasant and answered all of my questions. I will be purchasing products from this company again!

Michelle Stephens

Added Jul 13, 2017

I bought a set of Chantal cookware in the late 70"s and still use them today. I also bought sets for my daughters and now they are using them. They are the most durable and wonderful sets of cookware on the planet...keep on making this cookware!


Added Jul 5, 2017

I was gifted “The Becker Ekettle”… elegant and charmingly adorable. This is my first electric teakettle and I am just delighted!

CN Lewis

Added Jun 21, 2017

Bought an eKettle with precision coffee spout. Looks stylish in its steel look. Serves the coffee nut's need as well as hot tea for my wife. With the cordless design, you can keep a hot tea by your side easily accessible as you work from your home office. Pretty happy with the purchase. Thank you Chantal. May not be suitable for a big get together but water heats up fast in this.

Ram Srinivasan

Added May 3, 2017

I really like the travel mug. It keeps latte's hot longer than any other mug.

- Road Warrior Tom

H. Tom Thomas

Added Apr 27, 2017

When I pulled the pans out of the box I was very surprised and very happy to see that not only were they made of great quality but the most beautiful pans I have ever owned. Thanks Chantal!

Tammy Naylor

Added Apr 20, 2017

I have an extensive collection that I've accumulated over the past 18 years. Imagine my delight when I found out that they would work perfectly on my new induction cook top. I thought I would have to buy all new pots for my remodeled kitchen.

Thank you chantal!

Cindy Ebner

Cindy Ebner

Added Apr 13, 2017

The harmonica whistle is pure genius.

Tony S.

Added Mar 7, 2017

My husband put on a pot of water but didn't close the lid all the way so the whistle didn't sound when the water was hot.
We went to bed. In the morning the gas burner was still on and the pot was burned inside and changed color on the outside but the handle didn't melt or burn!
Thank you so much for making such a safe product.

Mary M.

Added Mar 7, 2017

Even though my roaster and I don't look the same as we did 30+ years ago, we're both holding up great and I still enjoy cooking in it. It's one of those pieces I will pass on to someone who loves to cook -- along with some recipes we've all enjoyed over the years.

Cynthia B.

Added Mar 7, 2017