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Art of the Table Reviews Chantal's Induction 21 Steel Cookware

Thank you to Art of the Table for reviewing Chantal's Induction 21 Steel Cookware and a delicious recipe we will have to try! See the post here:

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Looking for the Perfect Risotto Pan? Copper Fusion Has the (Patented) Mettle

By James Brock
Copper Fusion Risotto Pan

Copper Fusion. I love that name. First, there's copper, a metal with which I love to cook. Then, fusion, a word that brings to mind a melding of great ingredients and flavors. I've been doing just that lately - combining wonderful ingredients and flavors - with Chantal's 4-quart Copper Fusion Covered Risotto Pan. And guess what I've been making in it? Yes, you got it: risotto. Until I started using this pan, I made my risotto in a stainless steel pan I've had since 1994, and it's always served me well. But guess what? I noticed the difference right awa...